Yoga With Natalie Online

I'm now teaching classes online. Membership is managed on Patreon at different tiers.
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Benefits of Yoga for kids

Yoga is for everyone. Children do yoga naturally, they love to be upside down in downward facing dog, stand on one leg like a tree & crawl on the floor like a cat. Children are very flexible - we eventually lose that flexibility as we age. Through playful laughter & a sense of adventure kids can learn basic flexibility, coordination, body awareness & self control. If they are feeling anxious about talking in front of the class or having trouble focusing on their homework, kids will unconsciously call upon the mind calming techniques taught to them in yoga.

“Children are pure potentiality, harnessing this energy at an earlier age only accelerates yoga’s path to enlightenment.” - Deepak Chopra

“Success in yoga provides a template for success in life and its never to young to start.” - David Simon